OverWatch Timeshare Exit Team is a company dedicated to helping consumers with credit repair and getting out of timeshares that are longer wanted. As a new business, OverWatch was determined to get their name out on the web so that they can offer their services to those in need. As a result, they reached out to KindTech to help service their need and bring their brand to earn a digital presence.

Throughout the process, KindTech representatives have met with the owner of OverWatch to gather requirements on how they want their information to be shared across the web. The frequent meetings have helped KindTech to understand the business needs of OverWatch and to shape the website in a way that can effectively communicate their services to their audience. The website was built with a clean and responsive user interface and easy to use navigation. The primary focus was on driving the user towards getting a free consultation by filling out a short form to explain their situation. The site features a variety of page layouts and features, including a parallax home page and a blog archive.

As a result, the site provides a gateway for users to gather information and learn more about OverWatch and their services through proper SEO, social media hooks, and an easy-to-use interface.