Mimi’s at Metuchen is an Asian Fusion restaurant located in Metuchen, New Jersey. While in business for over 5 years, Mimi’s built a steady reputation for creating excellent, high quality dishes at reasonable prices. In late 2014, a key business problem arose. Mimi’s website was hijacked and taken down by a malicious user, causing any page on the site to be unavailable to potential clients. This major problem needed to be fixed as soon as possible.

Kind Technology Services was approached to help bring the site back online. Given the information that the site was completely non-functional, they were aware that getting the site back online as soon as possible was critical in order to ensure no business was lost. Immediately KindTech investigated and analyzed the current state of the site. They found a common vulnerability in the Joomla content management system that allowed a remote hacker execute malicious code. After finding this information, the site was shortly brought back online in a usable state.

The job wasn’t done yet. Even though the website was brought back online, extra steps need to be executed in order to ensure that this type of problem does not occur again. KindTech then implemented their standard security protocol for Joomla sites, which greatly reduced the chances of the site being hijacked again. Automatic backups were also implemented as a measure of caution so that in case some problem does occur, the client can immediately roll back to an earlier version of the website if the need arises.