Marigold Market & Cafe is a newly established breakfast and lunch cafe that resides in a populated beach area of Spring Lake Heights, NJ. Their passion is to make delicious, authentic food while providing locals with quality customer service and friendship. In order to spread the word around town faster and get people in their doors, Marigold had to establish a digital presence on the web.

As a result, KindTech was offered the distinct pleasure in working with the Marigold owners in understanding their business needs and to help build the website of their dreams. The site design put focus on their menu and helping users easily find out how to learn more about their location. It highlights main features such as: dynamic menu, events, gallery, social media outlets, and responsive design. The site now serves its purpose of attracting users to find their location and learn about the great services and products they can provide to their communities. KindTech owners had the privilege in visiting their restaurant during their Grand Opening and experienced a delightful time while eating great food. We recommend everyone to check out Marigold Market & Cafe!