HOME of Somerset County (HOMESCNJ), a non-profit organization based in Somerville, NJ, is a private non-profit agency serving homeless families with children through a continuum of care approach to services. Their company website is the primary hub of information where you can learn about their mission and contribute to their cause. Because of the wealth of information and services this business has to offer, it required some information rearranging on their site so that their audience can locate the information easily.

At this point, KindTech agreed to take on the project of modifying the information hierarchy on their site with adjacent changes to key design elements. Since their site was already built with WordPress, we took advantage of the easy-to-use features of manipulating navigation elements, textual components, and page designs. Throughout our work, we stayed in constant communication with the organization to ensure that all pages remained responsive and the user experience was as desired.

As a result, the modified HOMESCNJ website was an overall improvement from its predecessor. Information structure is more consistent which aligns with user’s attraction to the website and locating what they need easier. HOMESCNJ’s project was a clear example that you don’t always need a redesign of your website to make it better, sometimes you just need to tweak the way information is laid out for your audience.