Gina’s Tennis World is a tennis club/training facility which resides in Berkeley Heights, NJ. The club owners, Gina Genovese and Wendy McCahill are no strangers to the community. Gina’s Tennis World has been operating since 1983 and has coached over 25 nationally ranked tennis players. Over the years, Gina’s Tennis World’s website had become a key tool of operation and outreach for their business.

Keeping an eye on today’s present and future technological challenges, we at KindTech were humbled to take on the project of redesigning Gina’s Tennis World’s website. The site’s overall look and feel was completely revamped, enabling mobile users on cell-phones and iPads to easily access, browse and interact as needed. Keeping their eye on the community at large, a new and improved “Instructional Videos” section was implemented, granting users the ability to quickly filter and view videos of various categories. Finally, improvements were made to their sign-up forms, streamlining the ability for users to register for training classes at their tennis facility.

All project stakeholders were very pleased with the results. As per business owner Gina Genovese, “When you are in a business, creating a new website can be stressful. Kind Technology Services made this process easy. Nasem and Michael were responsive to all of our requests and the website exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend their services.”

For more information about Gina’s Tennis World, please visit Gina's Tennis World.