Fleming Ruvoldt, PLLC is a law firm based out of New York City and Moonachie, New Jersey. In mid 2015, the company formerly known as Sullivan Ruvoldt, PLLC was going through a period of transition. Success at their main office in New York called for an expansion opportunity in New Jersey, and combined with personnel changes lead to a new company name called Fleming Ruvoldt. Along with the name change came an increased need for IT services that we’re needed in order to complete a successful transition.

Kind Technology Services stepped in to help ease the burden. Namely, the highest priority was to ensure a smooth transition from their existing sullivanruvoldt.com email service to the new flemingruvoldt.com domain, which was to be launched in the next couple business days. KindTech immediately gathered all project requirements and produced/executed a plan of action to migrate their email to a new Office 365 email domain. The migration was completed seamlessly without any hiccups, ensuring that all stakeholders of the company were able to continue their work without being impacted by the migration.

Satisfied with the results of their email migration, Fleming Ruvoldt agreed to expand their involvement with Kind Technology Services. KindTech is now the primary provider of all end-user technology support services for Fleming Ruvoldt, assisting with resolving disruptive technology issues encountered over the past year and continuing today.