Bridals by Cyndi is a local, well-known bridal salon in Washington Township, NJ. They offer services like alterations, private appointments, and cleaning. Bridals by Cyndi prides itself in its neighborhood-friendly approach by welcoming and accommodating all guests. As each customer walks out, Bridals by Cyndi ensures they all walk out with an exciting story to tell all their friends and family. Thus, word of mouth quickly became a reliable avenue to bring in customers. However, it was soon discovered that there were other avenues not fully explored, and this is when Bridal by Cyndis turned to their website.

Kind Technology Services consulted with the business owner to analyze the importance of their digital presence. The business website at the time was not maintained and had broken areas – which eventually led to the main project to redesign the entire website. To accomplish this, KindTech focused on applying modern design techniques while ensuring the website accurately represents the business. We analyzed competitor sites and obtained insight into the inner workings of the business so the users can receive the appropriate experience on the site.

At the conclusion of the project, Bridal by Cyndi now had a fresh new website that shines with the soul of the business. As a result, they are seeing more traffic to their online platforms and are able to engage with online customers before they walk in the door. Needless to say it was a successful project that has increased overall business and opened up many other possibilities for their future.