Rutgers Hillel is a Jewish community based in the New Brunswick area at Rutgers University. As their community members continue to grow, Rutgers Hillel started a project to build a house that will serve as a home away from home for Jewish students and a gathering place for all of the Jewish community. During the construction of their building, the Rutgers Hillel administration requested to build a website to spread the information of their house and accept donations to continue funding their project and provide more for the community.

At this time, KindTech has stepped in to help the cause by building them the website. From the help of Winter & Winter Design Associates, a plan was set in motion to layout the site starting with designs and many discussions. As the planning process continued, KindTech began configuring the website on the WordPress platform, starting with a base layout and implementing the requested, responsive designs on top. The site highlights visual features such as an adaptive, isotope home page and photo galleries with slideshows. Along with static content pages, the site is built to be responsive and the navigation menu to be easy to find and use. The site also features two donations forms with a multi-step workflow to allow users to contribute their donations safely and feasibly.

As a result, the site now serves as an information medium for the Rutgers Hillel building and community. As more development of the Hillel House continues, the more the site expands and the community stays in touch with the process. The opportunities for Rutgers Hillel has now increased as they become a hot target on search engines and bring in more users to the site and more donations to their community.