DDD Elite Ride is a privately owned “personal driver service” that began its reputation in the Tri-State area. After its relocation the primary owner, Khaled Houmaiden, now continues his services quite successfully in Orlando, FL. This transfer has led Khaled to more opportune business development, which led into capitalizing implementation to the face of his business. This ultimately sparked his need for a logo branding solution.

Kind Technology Services was called upon to create and execute a successful branding logo. Our team had gathered the essential details about Khaled’s business, leading the Creative Department (CD) to begin phase 1: sketching. Through a multitude of drawn sketches, 10 to 15 solid prototype ideas were chosen internally and then presented to Khaled. Phase 2 narrowed down the logo options and allowed the CD to refine his selected variations. After the refinement, Khaled had chosen the sketch to his liking. Phase 3 transferred the trial product into Adobe Illustrator for its final improvements, thus providing a completed full colored logo in three types of files: JPG, PNG, and EPS.

As a result, the business now has its own unique identity and is prominently recognizable throughout the state of Florida. This gives Khaled free reign to utilize his logo however he sees necessary. His new product opens up the opportunity to market his business more than ever before, whether it’s on a business card, his operating vehicle, or even a billboard. The sky's the limit for DDD Elite Ride.